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SINOCONST Carried out Special Popularization of Construction of Rules and Regulations System
Time:2020-04-23   Browsing number :4244次

SINOCONST conducted a popularization meeting on the theme of “Strengthening the Construction of Rules and Regulations System, Promoting the Modernization of Governance System and Capabilities” on April 17 to further advance the modernization of its governance system and governance capabilities.

Xu Zhaoxi, SINOCONST’s Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, made a comprehensive interpretation of the background, significance, current status, existing problems, difficult issues, and  key plans regarding SINOCONST’s construction and management of its rules and regulations system.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, this popularization meeting was conducted on-site as well as through live video links. Wang Erlong, SINOCONST’s Discipline Committee Secretary, Du Zhengyi, Fang Xianchao, Wang Jianfeng, SINOCONST’s Deputy General Managers, and key departmental employees at the headquarters were in attendance on site, 100-odd others from both SINOCONST’s headquarters and its affiliates participated in the meeting via video links.