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Xi Jinping’s Words on the Constitution, an Enduring Influence
Time:2019-12-04   Browsing number :3441次

“Dharma, so are the procedures of the world, and the instruments of all things.”


The Constitution, as China's fundamental law, has the highest legal effect, is the general charter of governing the country, and is a concentrated expression of the will of the Party and the people.


In the mind of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Constitution has always been paramount. He repeatedly emphasized that the Constitution has the highest legal status, legal authority, and legal effect, and pointed out that it is necessary to advocate its study, popularization and education, promote its spirit, and create a good atmosphere for strengthening the implementation and supervision of the Constitution.


The second “Constitution Publicity Week”, with the theme of “Carry Forward the Spirit of the Constitution, Advance the Modernization of the National Governance System and Capacities”, lies between December 1st and 7th. December 4th is the sixth National Constitution Day. Here, we outline General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the Constitution for all so that the Constitution can be better learned, upheld and safeguarded.