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Third-party Monitor of World Bank Visited SINOCONST for Compliance Interivew
Time:2019-05-17   Browsing number :10372次

The third-party Monitor of the World Bank paid a two-day visit to SINOCONST for Compliance Interivew from 15 to 16 May, 2019. Yang Chuanliang, General Manager of SINOCONST, and Zhou Jun, Deputy General Manager of SINOCONST, met with the Monitor respectively. During the visit, the World Bank Monitor interviewed with SINOCONST’s Chief Compliance Director, and General Manager /Compliance Officer from the Legal Compliance Department, Human Resource Department, Asset Finance Department, Business Management Department, Market Development Department, and Project Management successively. After the interviw, the World Bank Monitor made postive commments on SINOCONST’s adoption and implementation of the Compliance Management Manual, and offered constructive suggestions for the follow-up improvement and implementation of the Manual.(Legal Compliance Department)