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SINOCONST’s 2019 Training on Occupational?Diseases Prevention?and?Control?Law
Time:2019-05-10   Browsing number :6030次

In response to the State’s 2019 Publicity Week on "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law", and for the purpose of further implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s guiding principles on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and enterprises’ mian responsiblities for such mater, SINOCONST organized a special training on the Occupational?Diseases Prevention?and?Control?Law for employees from its headquarters, susidaries, branch companies and other affilated enties on April 26, 2019. The training seccessfully pupularized the knowledge of occupational health to all employees for the protection of their occupational health rights and interests and for the improvement of self-protection awareness and ability. SINOCONST’s deputy general managers, Du Zhengyi, Wang Jianfeng, and employoees from the headquarters and the affiliated entities were present in the training at the main venue or through video respectively.

This event of Publicity Week on "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" was jointly launched by the National Health Commosion, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Minstry of Human Resources and Social Security, National Healthcare Security Adminstravtion and All-China Federation of Trade Unions.