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Founded in 1978, the Southwest Engineering College is an only one full time General secondary professional school for training technique skill of installation in China. It is also a member unit of China Installation association and the key secondary school in province. And the Machinery Industry Installation Vocational School is also an eligible and key school accepted by ministry of labor PRC. There are more than 2000 students in school and offers various specialty courses, such as electric equipment installation, industry equipment installation, water supply and drainage, heat supply and aeration, air condition etc. and lots of type of work, such as electrician, welder, locksmith, riveter and crane-man. The students come from countrywide junior high school and take up occupation all over the country.

School characteristics
Over the past 20 years, the school insists on carrying out educational action based on the new technology, new material, new equipment and requirement of society in installation industry. At the same time, the school also devotes itself to training student to master various abilities and corresponding professional operation skill. The teaching method of closing the installation job-site greatly improves the practice ability of students and brings better social benefit for school simultaneously. Since 1990s, the students in our school took part in steel structure work practice in many installation works, such as Hongkong Tsingma Bridge, Guangzhou Xinsha Port, Guangdong Zhongshan feed plant, Xiamen broadcast and TV center, Macao Turnover Ceremony Hall and Laos Wanrong Concrete Plant (constructing) etc. The employment rate of graduate reaches over 99% at all time because of high quality and excellent practice ability of graduate. Up to now, the school have trained and provided more than 10,000 graduates for lots of installation corporations all over country. Most of these graduates occupied the key position in corporations and some of them became the leader of enterprise.

  General subject:
 〈1〉installation of industry equipment
 〈2〉installation of electric equipment
 〈3〉electrization of industry corporation
 〈4〉water supply and drainage
 〈5〉aeration of heat supply and air condition
 〈6〉architecture decoration
 〈7〉application of electron technology
 〈8〉installation of structure water and electricity
 〈9〉application and maintenance of car
 〈10〉computer application
 〈11〉property management
 〈12〉secretary (modern office daily management)
 〈13〉technology of welding
 〈14〉business English
 〈15〉financial accountant of structure
 〈16〉corporation economy management of structure (the quote of project)

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