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Safety Responsibility


Safety Responsibility
SINOCONST is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure workplace where all of our employees can thrive. We integrate safety and health considerations into our decision-making and work to identify existing and emerging risks. We seek to mitigate risks to the health and safety of our employees and others who visit or work on our premises and the communities in which we operate. We promptly and effectively respond to, investigate and share the learning from safety and health incidents, taking any appropriate corrective action as necessary.
In each year,we host a series of sessions to reflect on our health and safety performance from the latest project implementation phase, to celebrate what we’ve done well, to recognize the opportunities we have to get better and to renew our commitment to safety. We call the sessions Safety Production Activities.
At SINOCONST, we want everyone – employees, contractors and service providers – to return home safely to their families at the end of the day. The purpose of these sessions is to remind staff to put safety first, engage their leaders if they are having safety challenges they can’t resolve and to watch out for one another, so we can achieve our goal of an injury-free workplace. These sessions provide a venue for open communication between workers and leaders about safety and help create safer workplaces.
We recognize that in addition to minimizing the incidence of work-related injury and illness, a safe and healthy work environment enhances the quality of our services, consistency of production and worker retention and morale.We also recognize that ongoing worker input and education is essential to identifying and solving health and safety issues in the workplace.