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Enterprise qualification


SINOCONST has always devoted itself to the filed of construction contracting and acquired professional advantages with its own characteristics
General Construction Contractor of Building
Construction Projects
General Construction Contractor of Smelting
General Construction Contractor of Municipal
and Public projects
General Construction Contractor of Mechanical
and Electric Installation
General Construction Contractor of Chemical
and Petroleum projects
47 Construction Qualifications at All Levels
Covering 15 Specialities.
Permit for Foreign Trade and Business
Grade A Enterprise for Construction of National Foreign Aid Project
Competence Certificate of the Importand Export Enterprises
Competence Certificate of External
Certificate of AAA Credit Standing
Certificate of ISO9002 Quality Management System
Certificate of ISO14001 Environmental Management System
Certificate of GB/T28001 Occupational and Safety Management System
Safety License
Registration Certificate of Entry-Exit Inspection Application Enterprise
Grade A Enterprise for Steel Structure Manufacturing