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Boundless as the Pioneering Cause, Endless is the Struggling Journey
Thumbing Through the History of SINOCONST
Each Page, Recording its Glories and Dreams;
Each Para, Permeating the Challenges and Hopes;
Each Line, Embodying its Devotions and Emotions;
Each Sentence, Recalling its Ambitions and Yearns;
From the Struggling Time of Earlier 1950s to the Promising 21 century;

In A Long Journey of 50 years──
We Splendidly Fulfill Outstanding Achievements Shining in the National History

After A Seemingly Instant Moment of 5 decades──
We Embrace the Upcoming Challenges in the New Century

From China Machinery Industry Installation Corporation to China SINOCONST Engineering Corporation, with the innovation of business strategy, expansion of market scope and establishment of CIS identification, SINOCONST is heading for a new stage of development.

New Century, New Image, New Development──

We will create the development cause of being EPC premier contractor through courageously playing our role in the market with competitive standing and improved systems and actively tapping engineering and construction sectors.

We will orientate towards internationalization, collectivizing and diversified through continuously strengthening organization management, implementing main concept, regulating business behavior and building brand image.

We will introduce energy and vigor for development elements through in-depth system renovation, establishing modern corporate system so as to comply with market economy rules and operational systems.

We understand that:
Only self-confidence could take one to the limelight on the world stages in the new
century, therefore we need to strive with much more efforts;

We understand that:
Only self-support could bring one to be its real master when China becomes a member of WTO, therefore we need to work harder for prosperity.

Confronted with new century and new market environment, the implementation of the concept policy, behavior regulation and visual image formulated based on CIS strategy shall be the solid foundation for establishing new image and realizing new development in the new century.

Hardworking, Innovation, Surpassing, Dedication
With spiritual concept, we declare: providing efficient services through highly competent staff; building high-quality projects with efficient service; improving business efficiency through high quality projects.

Serve the Mankind Sincerely, Build the Future Wholeheartedly

With the core concept we proclaim: developing undertaking with outstanding achievements and advocating civilization with brand culture!

Diligent Management, Continuous Improvement, Creating Supreme Projects, Ensuring Customer Satisfaction,

With the quality concept we pledge: ensure the significant quality of project with our 50-year glories and lofty reputation.

Discovering and Satisfying Customer's Need

With the service concept we promise: we will spare no efforts to win your satisfaction.

Our glories exist everywhere. Its symbols will stand for the reputation of SINOCONST——the close-related structures, the highly standing "monument", the driving number "1" and upward conception, everything indicates that:
The faith of solidarity and dedication to project construction;

The posture of diligent opening-up and collectivizing development direction;
The conscience of breaking traditions and providing all-round serves;
The pursuit of advocating science and technology, and benefiting the mankind………

We are confident about the future of SINOCONST.
The future of SINOCONST——will make greater contribution to the country and mankind.
The history of SINOCONST——will continue its glory to be recorded forever!